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Mobility Matters!

A cultural shift is underway. College students and higher education professionals are embracing mobile smartphones and tablet devices. Student Conduct and CARE teams are seeing more need for mobile applications for their devices. Pave Systems is excited to be the first company to meet this need.

2013 ASCA Whitepaper: The Mobile Landscape for Student Conduct and Crisis Response Practitioners

Results of 2013 Mobility Survey

A market first, JA Mobile is user-friendly, interactive and compatible with the most popular mobile devices and platforms . Innovative and cost effective, JA Mobile minimizes date entry and delivers rich and fun experiences. No matter your role, JA Mobile makes your work easier, more productive and more flexible.

With JA Mobile from Pave Systems, you have a complete mobile application ready for all you need anywhere anytime with live feeds and instant access. With our cross-platform mobile app, you can:

  • Create incident reports
  • Send Notification Emails
  • Instant look up student conduct history
  • Record hearing seamlessly
  • GPS Mapping and much more …

JA Mobile completely meshes with your JA 5 application. JA Mobile is personalized to each unique user and delivers immediate improvements to your process. What's more, with innovative tools built right in, it is easy to dictate an incident narrative with speech-to-text translation and capture images using you device's camera. Enjoy cool tools while saving cost and so much valuable time on data entry.

Mobility is the key to the future of successful student services. JA Mobile from Pave Systems meets today’s needs while positioning our clients for the future.

JA Mobile puts you out in front with the tools and applications you need to take your services to the student - whenever, however, and wherever!

JA Mobile from Pave Systems makes it easy to manage your student conduct process from anywhere: your desktop, tablet, and smartphone!