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Pave Systems provides both onsite installations and offsite hosting. One key value Pave Systems brings is dedicated professionals that stand for integrity, ethics, commitment and dependable expertise.

For vendors and companies serving the education market, there can be no more important role than protecting the data of the clients and students served. Pave Systems prides itself on the careful and circumspect manner in which it leverages human and technology resources to provide world-class security for all the client systems and data it manages.

Server Security Features for Hosted Clients:

Many of Pave Systems’ clients prefer that we, as the vendor, host the Pave Suite Application. This ‘cloud’ model obviates the client’s need for institutional IT staff to maintain the application resources. In this cloud model, the Pave Suite of products is supported by our team of technicians. Part of the security methods we implement for the servers hosting the application files include:
  1. High grade 256-Bit database encryption provides protection for your data.
  2. TLS/SSL 3.0 enabled web servers securely encrypts all data between a user’s computers and our servers.
  3. 24/7 monitoring by an on-duty staff member and automated security systems to guarantee 99.99% access and availability of your data and our applications. Automated alerts page a staff member when network traffic deviates from established patterns (like a hacking attempt).
  4. Annually conducted SAS 70 Type II audit (by third party) of the hosting environments to ensure operational excellence.
  5. Microsoft Windows 2008 Servers updated with the latest patches and service packs.
  6. Anti-virus software scans all drives and network connections in real time to stop and remove malicious virus and worm attacks.
  7. Intrusion detection systems to detect and stop unauthorized access.
  8. Audit trails on Web and Database servers track all employee and clients actions.
  9. Servers are located in Texas. Full backups are done daily with secondary backup at a separate location in Texas.

Security Aspects Implemented Within the Pave Suite Applications:

The Pave Suite applications were developed to incorporate very powerful security features, including:
  1. Strict role-based access ensures that only authorized individuals have the needed access and permissions to carry out their job functions.
  2. LDAP, Shibboleth and Windows Directory Authentication are available to enforce your institution’s access and identity controls.
  3. 256-Bit high grade encryption is applied holistically throughout the application. This means that both internal software code and the transactions executed against that code are protected with corporate grade encryption.
  4. High grade ID and password protections.
  5. Automatic time-out feature logs you out after a specified period of inactivity (mouse click or key press).
  6. User sessions are verified with each transaction using an individual token created at login.
  7. Paperless Office documents are encrypted before they are stored to disk.
  8. Protected against SQL injection and Cross-site scripting attacks.
  9. Audit trails that track all users’ actions at the application and database levels.

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