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Judicial Action
Pave System’s Judicial Action system offers everything you need to smoothly and efficiently run a student conduct and behavioral response program at your college or university:
  • Full incident case management covering every aspect of your student conduct process from incident report to the final appeal.
  • Custom access levels for any stakeholder including residence life, dean of students, faculty, health and counseling users, campus security, athletics, and vice presidents of student affairs.
  • Adjustable business-rules help you meet community best-practices and your internal procedures
  • Track non-conduct incidents including academic, behavioral and athletic inside and outside your campus.
  • Ensure compliance with Clery Act, FERPA regulations, Drug Free Schools and Communities Act.
  • Extensive reporting tools for easy data analysis and threat assessment.
  • Customized alerts and notifications for students, administration, Police, and more with interactive and timely content.
  • Available as a hosted, subscription-based system or installed locally at your campus.