Leadership. Commitment. Service.

Why Choose Pave Systems

We are the trusted leader in the market, and we take very seriously our mantra: Commitment. Leadership. Service.

We have a set of company values which we take very seriously. Hard work, personal commitment, faith, ethical and professional conduct. These are core to who we are and inform what we do every day. We value substance over hype and honesty over showmanship. You can always count on the ethics, professionalism, and experience of our staff.

Trusted Leadership
Leadership, experience, resources and insight separate Pave Systems apart from others.
  • We are the trusted leader in this market serving many leading institutions and thousands of users. We are celebrating our 15th year serving this market. We will be there when you need us.
  • With highly experienced and dedicated professionals in two national offices, you can count on the breadth and depth of our experience. Our professionals are experienced and many came from student affairs and campus safety. More professionals mean quicker installations, better service and certainly personal attention to your unique campus and users needs.
  • We deliver the richest functionality at the best price in the market. Contracts are annual for unlimited number of users with no hidden fees or confusing pricing options. Our pricing is straightforward and meets budgets large and small. We will match or beat any legitimate competing offer you may receive.

Technical Superiority
Developing, maintaining and serving software solutions is a very serious business that requires dedicated, experienced and innovative technical professionals and Pave Systems has that and much more.
  • Our technical team includes exceptional people ranging in specialty from mobile developers to .NET developers to architects, designers, quality assurance, networking, security, hosting and technical support staff. It takes a team to provide you with the quality product and quality service you expect. Please ask other vendors how many dedicated technical professionals they employ full time and what these professionals do! Integrity and substance matter to us and our clients.
  • We serve all types of clients and each client has specific needs that must be addressed. We have an unmatched track record developing new features and releasing updates based on the direct feedback from clients. You always receive free training-for-life!
  • We provide you the option installing onsite at your campus using your servers or offsite at our state of the art data center. Installation takes one day and we guarantee a go live date in writing.
  • We support both SQL and Oracle installations and our Oracle experts are some of the best. Our systems interface with all types of data systems your campus including Banner, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar, and Datatel.
  • We provide the most secure products with highly advanced security features and support LDAP, Shibboleth and Windows Authentication.

Building Relationships
We know that when you commit resources and time, you have expectations. We do too. It is the strong relationships we build which assures your satisfaction. We work on fostering and strengthening those every by providing training, customer support, software updates, and other services.
  • Customized training and support is available to you whenever you need. Our commitment to you includes training for life. There is never an additional fee for this. And training is provided by dedicated and professional trainers.
  • Our service is second to none. Our friendly staff is approachable and easy to work with. We are available 24/7 by phone or email to provide you with high quality and dependable service.
  • Annual software updates are always offered at no additional cost. Updates, built upon your feedback and ideas, are seamlessly installed with no effort on your part. Our products benefit from our large community of clients who give fresh, and relevant ideas every day.

A Continuous Partnership
In this market, other companies come and go but Pave Systems is the unshakable rock that you can count on. We build long-term relationships; beyond just service and support. Feeling a strong sense of partnership with our clients, we fully expect to be involved in discussions and projects which affect the usefulness of our systems:
  • Annual Code revisions
  • Changes in Hearing Processes or Options
  • Clery Report Submission
  • Creation of Alternative Dispute Resolution programs
  • Record Retention Process
We are strongly committed to the Student Affairs community and will be here for many, many years to come delivering fresh perspectives and dependable advice that will help you meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s ambitions.

Thousands of users trust Pave Systems to deliver the best products and best service in the market.