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Who We Are

We thank you for considering Pave Systems as your student conduct and campus safety solutions provider. When you choose to work with us, you get more than just the best product at prices you will value. You also enjoy peace of mind knowing you've selected a well-known name you can trust, backed by many years of experience. We go out of our way to provide a solution that is personalized to your preferences and user needs. With the best pricing in the market, experienced professionals, and seamless installations, we make sure you get everything you need just the way you want it.

Starting Something New:

We started in 1999 in Dallas, TX when a team of higher education professionals and technology entrepreneurs identified the need for a web-based system to manage student conduct at college campuses. No such system existed and our team was determined to deliver a market first: a web-based student conduct system for higher education. And with that Judicial Action (JA) was born. Unlike other products which had to be installed on each computer (called a client-based model), JA could easily be accessed through any web browser: anywhere, anytime.

This model is now the industry standard, and there have been many knock-offs imitating Pave’s creation. JA’s success and wide-ranging support from student-conduct professionals, saw Pave make over 100 sales that first year of commercial availability. It also established Pave’s Research and Development unit as the dominate force with their commitment to continual work improving the product. As the mother of this market, Pave Systems is proud of its legacy and the tremendous benefits its creation provides to the community. With strong support from the community, Pave is THE name associated with student conduct software.

Recognizing A New Need:

In the fall of 2005, Pave Systems’ R&D team discovered through client surveys and feedback sessions, a need for a way to record and respond to other kinds of incidents outside student conduct. The project was named ‘Campus Counts’. It would take another year and a national tragedy, but Campus Counts would soon become yet another first offered by Pave Systems. When the first version of Campus Counts went on sale in the summer of 2006, it was the industry’s first ‘critical incident response system’. After the shooting-tragedy at Virginia Tech in the spring of 2007, Pave invested additional time and resources to further enhance Campus Counts to incorporate the concepts of the Behavioral Intervention Response. With new features, along with previously planned enhancements, the third version of Campus Counts system was a huge success and was adopted by dozens of institutions that year.

Judicial Action Jumps Again:

In 2007, Pave Systems once again revolutionized the market. As imitators began to litter the market with cheap and simplistic products, Pave Systems made a the bold decision to release a new generation of products based on the new industry-standard, Microsoft .NET platform. This new software platform offered innumerable new options and promised better integration with enterprise data systems like PeopleSoft and Sungard Banner. JA.NET, released in the winter of 2008, redefined the market once again with a flexible, easy to use, and customizable system which allowed client-institutions to develop their own business rules and user account-types. Periodic updated and the incorporation of client feedback have helped deliver five key releases of JA leading to JA Version 5.0. We are proud that JA 5 remains THE top choice for prestigious and forward-thinking colleges and universities across the country.

The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Go Mobile:

Times change, and Pave Systems continues to recognize emerging trends, even as Judicial Action 5 and Campus Counts continue to break sales and usage records. Like the rest of the technology industry, Pave knows that the ability of the JA and Campus Counts systems to stay relevant is routed in their ability to be mobile and secure. To that end, in January 2012, Pave Systems delivered another market first: the first mobile application (JA Mobile) for student conduct professionals. JA Mobile delivers innovation, interactivity and personalized experiences using any mobile device. With cool features like voice recording, location-aware fields, instant student histories, and GPS maps, JA Mobile minimizes data entry while delivering cost effective (and, yes, truly fun!) user experience.

Pave Systems means quality, innovation and leadership. We have the resources, proven expertise and technical know-how to deliver superior, cost effective, and innovative products. You can count on our experienced, ethical, and friendly professionals to deliver the best service and insight in the market. Companies come and go but Pave Systems is and will continue to be your trusted partner for many years to come.

The future is bright and exciting. We welcome you joining our family!

You can count on the quality of our products, the strength of our teams, the support of our loyal clients, our unshakable commitment, and the depth of our vibrant traditions.