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At Pave Systems superior service is just as important as superior products. Our clients can expect expert service delivered by friendly and highly experienced professionals in several categories.

Onsite installation and support:

Many of our clients take pride installing and maintaining our solutions onsite at their campuses using their servers managed by their technical professionals. We are the best and most experienced supporting on-site installations working closely with your technical team. We support both SQL and Oracle environments and our systems require minimal server requirements. To learn more about server requirements, please email us at customerservice@pavesystems.com

Application and Data Hosting:

We know that not every institution has the resources to effectively host Judicial Action, Campus Counts or our other products. Pave Systems provides an alternative: cloud-based application hosting. Delivered completely over the internet, the hosted model means your IT staff have less responsibilities and more time on other projects and other priorities. Pave has the most secure and flexible data-hosting options available. Industry-standard security and storage practices are used to ensure your data is available 24/7. We use redundant servers, local and off-site daily backups, advanced firewalls, and a sophisticated security suite to make sure your data is safe and protected at all times. We're fully compliant with best practices offered by the Department of Education.

Custom Application Development:

For many clients, Pave Systems designs custom applications, middleware, and utilities to support any client needs. This range from mobile applications (all types of mobile application development) and all types of Oracle, JAVA and .NET application development (housing, career services, student organizations, financial aid, billing, alerts, maintenance, athletics, health care, human resources, E-learning, assessment and student services). We pride ourselves in our abilities to analyze your particular need, understand your process, and implement a solution quickly and cost-effectively. All custom applications and utilities are backed by our Customer Service pledge.

Our team of dedicated analysts will talk with you and your stakeholders, and understand all the implications of your project. We will then issue you a plan and budget - you'll know all the details upfront before you have to make a decision.

If you need a custom application developed or a development project requiring completion, please contact us at customerservice@pavesystems.com

Process Analysis and Advising:

We know that off-the-shelf solutions don't always work, so we spend time working to understand your student services process and make the software fit your needs. Through surveys, discussion, and other data collection tools, we learn all the intricacies of your process. Then we show you how the software can meet these needs. This process analysis often reveals potential cost and time saving options.

We provide this service to both our software clients and any interested institution. We employ experienced student affairs experts who can relate to you while fully understanding the principles of this field. This is a service you will find nowhere else and just one more reason way Pave Systems is the leader in this field.
Our depth and breadth of service is unmatched. We are a company you can count on to meet all of your technology and software development needs.