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Judicial Action
Pave System’s Judicial Action system offers everything you need to smoothly and efficiently run a student conduct and behavioral response program at your college or university:
  • Create multiple hearing or dispute resolution pathways.
  • Customizable Incident Report page with extensive fields and smart error-correction tools
  • Case "lock" for sensitive and select cases for full control to ensure compliance with with FERPA.
  • Document generation and paperless office tools using Microsoft Silverlight.
  • Personalized home page helps organize and manage your cases by category and process-step.
  • Monitor the work of subordinates and co-workers.
  • Manage alternative dispute resolution (ADR) cases.
  • Schedule hearings from students’ class schedules or allow students to self-schedule.
  • Assign any kind of sanction with smart-reminders sent by email or text.
  • Numerous sanction, hearing, and appeal options.